the beauty & the boys

The male undressed body has always been the linchpin of the representation of beauty and desire. Superseded by the objectification of the female body, the male-read body is today also a symbol of homosexual desire. Which body is worth representing, which pose arouses desire, and for whom? The standardization of male-associated pose and masculine body image as offensive, respectively slim, angular and ascetic, in the vicious circle of uninterrupted, endlessly repeating image production establishes an ideal that functions as a form of identification only for a few. A body image that is not suitable for identification is then little more than soft porn. So what is beauty and desire in the context of the male body, when representation has moved so far away from the social narrative of diversity and body positivity?

The work presents photographs of the male stripped body in the context of historical representations – photographs and statues juxtaposed with motifs of plants. The visual language of the photographs originates from the home story, which has been very popular in recent years, in which undressed persons of the male sex show themselves in a domestic environment in apparent openness. The work picks up on motifs of withdrawn masculinity that have been popular in recent years, supported by a rather restrained trained body. The communication of this reclusive (non-toxic) masculinity continues to use a lean, trained body ideal and establishes it as natural. Through their constructedness, the poses of the models contradict the private setting and the naturalness evoked in home-story photographs, which is thereby called into question.

200 motives
10 poems
27 male identifying persons

1 book

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